Thursday, August 7, 2014

We love N4RS furniture

And this new pool/beach lounger will be a great addition to your collection as well. If you go to N4RS its called 'N4RS COPA Pool Lounger - c -.

I was exploring at the Second Pride Festival in June and happened on the N4RS store and its very handsome owner alecat Breda. After some overt flirting with alecat (can ya blame me, damn look at him) off I went with my new purchase, promising to write something about it.  Being a man of my word, here ya go.

DAMN - this one is hot.  it comes with sits and sex options for solo, duo or 3way.  All easily managed and easily gotten to through the menu.  Most all of the animations fit us perfectly, it's hard to find them that do.  We will have to adjust a couple.

It was only Wednesday and the week had been long already so we kicked back at our place in Second Norway, enjoying the sunset and a couple of "beverages."

The chairs come with extensive menu and a hud to help with the position adjustments. Tasty was getting a little anxious for well you know...but I told him i had to check my email real quick.
The chairs come with some built in props including the ipad shown here and also the beer bottle in the first picture.

OK I know what you all are waiting for but just let me say this chair is a great investment.

Here ya go ya pervs.

Lemme tell ya we enjoy this chair and will be using it a great deal more.

Until next time - have fun.

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