Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I asked Tasty what he would like for Christmas!!!

He said all he wanted to do was spend some quality time with me.  So last night we were trying to figure out what we could do to spend quality time.  We were chatting and he said there is a leather jock party tonite.  So we worked on getting dressed appropriately for it.

After we got dressed he says "Oh yeah its not till 8PM SLT."  I was like oh great, thats getting late for me thats about what time i usually log off.  He said yeah me to.  So we went to the sim anyway thought maybe could find something to do.  Wasn't anything really exciting. So he said lemme find a spot I will tp you.

He leaves and then I get a TP he's at Cargo City.  Next thing I know I end up in the Bull Ring.  The Bull Ring holds special significance for us as its where we met up a little over a year ago.

Ok enough of me yapping.  He wanted quality time and I took some pictures. I am thinking of getting an ass tatt that says quality.

Now I know why he keeps that ratty old jock - he pops that big wood right out through the front.

He was like "Fukr lemme show you how to eat ass."

He lulled me into a false sense of security cause next thing i knew, I was on all fours banging my head into the old barrel getting rammed full of Tasty.

Hey Fukr careful of the face.

After all this quality time - I think i earned that ass tatt.

Until next time.

I am planning something "special" for him on Valentines Day. just sayin.


  1. hahahaha very good, looks like you had fun lol Merry Christmas

  2. Well now, this is like a Christmas gift you guys made yourself... ;)

    Happy New Year!