Monday, January 7, 2013

Petr and Tasty test out N4RS new chair

Lemme just say up front we love good sex furniture and are very choosy about what we bring home.

We are constantly impressed and inspired by N4RS and the different pieces that come from alecat Breda of N4RS.  We have several pieces of his.

Well I was looking through Flickr last week and came across this pic on alecat's stream.  I was like HOT DAMN gotta have that.

So Thursday of last week - I started semi-stalking alecat every few hours looking for the chair.  He finally gave in and sold me one later in the day.

FUCK - this rocks - dropped it at the house and Tasty and I tried a few animations and both said "We gonna have alot of fun with this one."

This chair will fit just about any decor, from contemporary to a gothic reading room. It even works well in our little trailer.  Its got a great variety of animations, that utilize the chair and the floor beside it, great foreplay, full on action and a nice after cuddle.

The animations are easily adjusted to fit any size avi. And its got one of those features that Tasty really like - the swap button.

The chair comes in 2 textures - red and leather. They can be seen and gotten here and tested - just don't leave any stains on the demos in the lobby.

We love this and can't wait for more testing.  Yeah thats it testing. Until next time.